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      ABOUT US

      • Company Profile

        Our factory is located in the national thousand famous towns, East China lamps and lanterns city - Danyang city boundary brand town, close to Nanjing Shanghai high speed, Changzhou airport, 312 National Road, 101 provincial road string Town, and the traffic is very convenient.


        Our factory was founded in 1984, after more than thirty years of hard work, it has developed into annual sales of 100 million yuan, with fixed assets of more than 8000 million yuan, more than 200 employees, of which high and middle technical personnel of 30....[Read More]


      • Business philosophy

        Casting quality products and serving the society
      • Company purpose

        We do our utmost to provide products and services that exceed customer expec-tations and win the trust of customers and society.
      • Operational policy

        Focusing on economic bene-fits and taking industry development as the guide, we provide quality services with distinctive features.